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If you want to be the first ‘in the know’ about our new retreat in the Algarve Portugal, Juicy Escape, sign up below. Keep an eye on this page to keep up with the build and also on Jason’s Instagram page @jasonvale This is one retreat you won’t want to miss!
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Anyone who knows Jason Vale will tell you that he doesn’t do anything by half – whether it’s writing a global bestseller, developing a class-leading frozen-juice delivery company or launching his third – yes, that’s right, THIRD – megastar-visited health retreat, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s utterly brilliant. So, it goes without saying that his latest venture, an out-of-this-world retreat nestled in Portugal’s Algarve, near the Spanish border, is set to raise the bar… and then some. Juicy Escape, as the new retreat will be called, is the realisation of Jason’s vision for an all-singing, all-dancing, with crazy levels of fun, health and fitness, destination.

Set on a 40-acre site, encompassing two stunning lakes, there is everything that he has ever dreamt about throwing into the retreat mix. Set to open in the later part of 2024, Juicy Escape will be Europe’s ‘healthiest playground’ where like-minded people can relax, recharge and rest but unlike most retreats, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in an abundance of sports and activities to invigorate your mind and your body.

Read below what Jason has to say about his exciting new retreat as he answers fans’ questions – it’s set to be so good, even HE wants to be a guest and enjoy the good stuff on offer.
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